Halloween Eve. I had the most peculiar dream last night, wherein I was leading a rite of summoning against the Beasts of the Dark. She was there, red hair flowing like I remember it. I screamed words at her that came out of my mouth like soot. She was covered in it, caking, and it formed a cocoon on her. After the rite was done, she burst from the shell, a grotesque humanoid with fleshy, discolored wings, covered in a thick, viscous oil that dripped from her lips and face. She stared at my with large segmented eyes and screamed my name over and over. I was startled, both at the sound of it and at the depth of her horrible appearance.

The queer thing lay in the the familiarity of it all, the realness of it. I could hear the granite beneath my feet and feel the heat off the sweltering sexual bodies surrounding me. Some orgy, some fantastical role-play. Some Kinseyan debacle. I woke up in a sweat, and nearly knocked my still burning pipe onto my papers. What a shock!