*these pages are torn out, but have been pasted back together with care*

Fuck that bloody Duncan and his fucking policies i will take a hot poker to his face next time he insults me so telling me i have no business in a classroom. The chair! It moved!

No need to explain yourself quinn you are good as gold! brown betty has got you now. you will rest easier now with brown betty.

*this section scratched out messily. ink bleeds through the page*

I am not sleeping, but I dream and i report this to you as you read. Faithful audience, here the tale of Q.A., good ole Q.A., who ever did see a minotaur in his own house. A greek tragedy in my own apartment. How it raises the axe! How it cleaves the flesh! It drinks deep from the bloody fountain of wisdom. I see words spilling out of the woman’s breasts, now gone! Lorraine! They have killed you at last! Me and GODS declare your death wonderful.

I am lapping at the blood, taking in the moment there has been no greater joy

Dear reader, know I am not in my mind. I am not me. This dream is taking me over and I cannot escape. beat down walls I will with her bloody arms

she was the only woman i loved, but those years are foggy to me. how did she die? I don’t know, but she has plagued my soggy brain for years since. I cannot forget her, no matter how hard I drink her away. no flood will wash her.

god, why this? you show me things I want, yet they hurt so deeply. I beg reprieve. take my mother and father away from me, i beg thee, holy father.